Easy to install, maximum design flexibility – Made to last.

21st century materials employed around a steel frame… The product is pre-manufactured components that are assembled, packed, containerised and shipped to port where after slab preparation 4 men can erect a unit in 5 days.

A home designed and built to last generations and face the most severe natural challenges. ZWH steel construction system provides unique advantages compared to any prefab home. Greater strength and resistance to the elements than most so-called ‘traditional’ housing product.
Sustainable lightweight roofing easy to manoeuvre and install. Improved insulation rigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism.
High fire resistant rating.

Wind resistance

The structure is designed to withstand hurricanes at over 60 m/s (in excess of 200 Kmh). Pressure bending tests of wall boards demonstrated flexibility five times higher than that of aerated lightweight concrete boards. The wall boards can resist 1,600kg of wind pressure, equivalent to a wind force of 60m/sec exerted at the top of a 3-storey building.

Putting safety first with earthquakes

Steel framing, compared with traditional masonry and timber framing, can be much safer during a seismic event. Being lightweight, frames flex during an earthquake and absorb lateral movement without compromising the structural integrity of the building. Sustains major earthquakes (7.5+ of Richter Scale).


By combining and linking two or more cube structures it is possible to create  a strong frame around which home design is executed in different sizes and styles:

Single floor home:

Tropical; Classic; Minimalist; Mediterranean

Two stories home:

Tilted or Flat roof; Arctic floor option

Three or Four stories home:

Town homes; Holiday homes; Social homes

Veranda extension designed for winter and summer use 

Self Sufficient Living

Environmentally sustainable living units. Zero electricity bill – Integrated and almost invisible solar system. Insulation Material provides a flat surface to attach the PV panels for longevity and resistance to 200K Km/h winds.


Solar assisted air conditioning

An all in one self–sufficiency and energy saving solar air conditioner system. DC air conditioner systems are simple, reliable, and tried and tested.

An affordable solar window air conditioner offers a very green and economic package. Here are some of the key details:

Cooling capacity: 16,000 BTU (4.7 kW of cooling capacity). Power consumption:850 watts. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio):  22.5. EER 18.8. (Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a measure of the BTUs of cooling capacity per watt of power consumed): Weight: 90 Kg (This is tremendous for a window air conditioner of this size. But it does contain extra parts for the solar setup)

Acoustic Insulation

An eco-friendly insulator, made from a combination of recycled materials and prime material cork, is a cost effective and versatile product.

Consists of an agglomerated cork underlay for impact noise and backing protection for carpet floors.

Social element design concept & floor plan

Below illustrates a CAD build-up of the panelized walling system, including the pre-assembled pods for bathrooms and power-room. 

Structural 3D Revit Model

Structural 3D Tekla Analysis Model

Structural 3D Architectural Model