Addressing the acute global housing shortage – new green modular house builder with a difference. Launching with several UK councils and internationally.

ZWH addresses one of the most acute global problems: A shortage of sustainable affordable homes. According to the recent McKInsey Global Institute (‘MGI’) report, over $9tn is the cost of build excluding land values, that is currently required to replace the world’s low-cost inadequate housing as well as building new low-cost units to house over 330m inhabitants. In England alone, The House of Commons commissioned report, “Tackling the under-supply of Housing in England” (December 2018, see table below) refers to the current estimates of required new build in England alone of between 240,000-340,000 units per year.

ZWH solution defined:
ZWH is an innovative building systems company that provides sustainable, quality, fully-integrated turn-key housing and living solutions at a disruptively low price. ZWH units are technically advanced integrated housing systems using Modern Methods of Construction, (now often termed ‘MMC’). ZWH offers a new vision in low cost building that provides clean water, quality, safe, energy self-reliant housing. ZWH brings affordable, high-value solutions for direct consumers and our development partners in both the private and public sector. ZWH sources each component from strict quality controlled manufacturers.

Unlike the mentality of traditional building companies, ZWH has approached the need to produce cutting edge off-grid ultra low cost homes from a totally different perspective to traditional housebuilding in a bid to substantially reduce build cost and sharply reduce build times. To be a market leading category-killer in low cost sustainable homes, a new approach was adopted by ZWH more akin to that of the automotive industry. ZWH has devised a single homogeneous steel framed envelope structure or ‘chassis’ as the basis for all its four scalable product segments: High end luxury, social homes, emerging market low cost and oil and gas & mining semi permanent accommodation.

At disruptively low prices, ZWH produces architecturally-designed ultra low-carbon emissions social homes that are low energy with the use of the latest modern methods of construction, materials, and various other renewable sources of energy. In due course ZWH homes will produce a ‘zero’ carbon footprint and feedback energy to the grid. Further, the average 7 months build time is reduced to only 40 days for a ZWH property. ZWH has the option of an exclusive licence in the UK to use revolutionary battery storage enhancing software as well as innovative photovoltaic systems.


The ZWH pipeline is compelling:

  •  Key access to Primary Decision Makers
  • Approached by several councils in the North of the UK for an initial build of 200 social homes for each of the council offices, subject to reaching price point and all certifications.
  • Talks with the UK government to form a joint venture with regard to a major category of (secure) building.
  • A proprietary solution to provide the UK’s first true off-grid housing community.
  • Advanced talks with senior government departments in Australia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East for the supply of ZWH properties.
  • In discussions with an international body to provide innovative and environmentally sound housing solution to meet their requirements.
  • UK Government plans to build 250,000 homes by 2022 (currently off target by 500homes per week). If ZHW captures under 0.4% of this market initially, the numbers below reflect this would drive an equity value nearer £200m. The implied salesnumbers remain far below the levels of deliveries that other housebuildersachieve from similar sized logistics operations.
  • EIS Advanced Assurance granted
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The Company is dependent upon raising sufficient capital to achieve its business plan and there can be no guarantees that this will happen.
Current strong indications of interest from several potential public authorities can only be confirmed post the successful sign off of the first beta homes built.
While nascent at present, the Company is likely to face increasing competition in the modular house building sector.
The Company’s success will require it to maintain good working relationships with its key suppliers.
The Company will need to be able to initiate and manage multiple supply logistics in order to be effective.
The Company will be entering in developing markets as well as established and therefore increasing the potential risks on execution