ZWH is an innovative development and building systems company that provides sustainable, quality, fully-integrated turn-key housing and living solutions at a disruptively low price.

A solution to a huge global crisis ZWH addresses one of the biggest crises facing the world today: The lack of affordable, sustainable housing. This has become the biggest secular growth story for the next decade with MckInsey Institute estimating US $9trn is needed to solve this crisis.


Ultra low cost, faster methods of construction are needed to be able to meet critical spending requirements and urgent timelines.

Adding to this the unacceptable standards of existing housing stock in many countries including first world economies and the lack of sustainable solutions in terms of energy consumption and the full extent of this acute crisis comes to the fore. The McInsey 9trn dollars is needed to solve the problem of new build and over 300m families world-wide require new dwellings. The UK is required to build in the region of 300,000 to 400,000 units annually for the next decade.

Ultra low cost modular containerised energy self reliant house building

ZWH’s compelling new approach to house-building draws on similar principles adopted in the automotive industry with its steel framed containerised envelope structure being designed to enable one single ‘chassis’ to be deployed across four product segments: Social Homes, Emerging market low cost, oil & Gas temporary accommodation and luxury premium end product.

ZWH product offers a unique energy self sufficient solar solution

High PV energy efficiency & Storage. 3mm thick ultra-lightweight PV modules offering 21.6% efficiency. A battery storage solution tailored to meet the demands of our 3 bedroom social home. ZWH solution designed to over-produce to store energy. Average unit 4.5KW
ZWH uses smart software to optimise energy usage increasing battery productivity significantly.

ZWH offers efficient logistics and fast delivery mechanism

Easy and quick to assemble minimum number of components & pack and deliver.

ZWH offers rapid build times with ease of construction

Easy and fast to build Typical 3 bedroom unit 4 man team erection in 5 days excluding slab.

ZWH has a compelling business model

Provides a fast turnaround for developers. Dynamic cash flow generation from an early stage.